Hypnosis-Slimming System™Advanced Weight Management

The therapy has not just helped me to manage my eating and weight,
but the results have removed emotional burdens that
I've been carrying around for years...
- Sarah Bishop, Solihull

What is the Hypnosis-Slimming System™?

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Our unique Hypnosis-Slimming System™ is the result of thousands of hours of clinical experience helping people to reduce their weight in a sensible, healthy and sustainable manner.

Unlike so many other weight loss programmes, the Hypnosis-Slimming System™ does not depend on diets or deprivation; it needs no weigh-ins nor does it use any restrictive points system or calorie counting.

The Hypnosis-Slimming System™ is designed to re-program the subconscious mind so that the person finds him or herself automatically eating in a healthier and more balanced way. You reduce your weight naturally and without dieting.

Why Diets Just Don't Work for Long

There's no disputing the fact that diets can help shed the pounds in the short term, but they are notoriously famous for failing to keep the weight off. All too often weight is dropped by dieting and then, when the diet is going well, something kicks in and you're back to square one, and on go the pounds! The real problem with diets is that one day you have to come off them—and then the weight just piles back on again.

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And each time this happens, you're filled with self-disappointment and the awful sense of failure.

Your self-esteem and confidence take a beating and you find yourself snacking or binging on whatever comfort food you can find in order to make youself feel better—even though you know that it's a temporary relief that will have its own dire consequences as far as weight management and your own self-esteem is concerned.

This is why diets and dieting rarely succeed in working over the long-run. They simply are not the best way of achieving natural weight reduction—and keeping the weight off.

Fortunately, there is a better way to reduce your weight and end compulsive overeating. It's called the Hypnosis-Slimming System™.

Why Is It So Difficult for Me
to End My Overeating?

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When we find ourselves compulsively eating, we are using food as a distracter, not in order to nourish. We are eating in an attempt to satisfy something other than hunger. We eat for emotional reasons. And this just makes weight management and weight control even more of a problem.

Research has found that people who are overweight often share some fairly common factors.

Those who have difficulty controlling their weight often:

Eat for emotional comfort
Have an incorrect or poor self-image
Eat not because of true hunger, but because of external cues
Reward themselves with food
Enage in too little physical activity
Prefer sweet or savoury fattening foods over healthier alternatives
Do not stop eating when full
Were taught as children to 'finish their plate'
Think of dieting as a form of denial, deprivation and starvation
Do not realise how much food (and how many calories) they have eaten in a day

Only in rare instances is there a real metabolic problem. If you are severely overweight, or obese, you'd be well advised to visit your doctor or health advisor in order to make absolutely certain there's no underlying medical issue.

If there is no such medical reason, then you're faced with the personal responsibility for your weight management.

And that's where most people have difficulty—and where Peter Field's personalized Hypnosis-Slimming System™ can really help.

What Makes the Hypnosis-Slimming System™ Different?

Our Hypnosis-Slimming System™ sees overeating and the unwanted weight gain that is its consequence as symptoms of the problem, but not as the actual problem itself.

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Whereas other therapies and therapists focus only on simple behavioural modification—on the overeating behaviour itself—our uniquely personalized therapy sessions focus on the reason why a person regularly overeats and gains weight.

When the actual cause and driver of the overeating is neutralized then the unhealthy eating behaviour can fall away, allowing the person to return to a healthy eating pattern that nourishes but does not cause them to become overweight.

Additionally, our uniquely individualized Hypnosis-Slimming System™ therapy sessions utilize extremely safe advanced light-and-sound brainwave modulation technology as part of the therapy. Working 1-on-1 with one of our therapists, you are able to alter behavioural patterns and nutralize the cause of the overeating.

Don't All Hypnotherapists Work in this Way?

No. The great majority of hypnotherapists working in the UK today simply employ something called 'suggestion therapy' in order to treat unwanted weight gain. This merely involves inducing hypnosis and reading from a prepared script containing hypnotic suggestions for reduced eating.

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While this basic approach may initially produce limited results for some people, it is unlikely to achieve lasting results in the long term since it focuses only on the actual behaviour of overeating, but does nothing to correct the actual cause or reason for this behaviour, which continues to exist untouched at the subconscious level.

Weight loss strategies that rely solely on suggestion therapy, such as implanting the suggestion that the person has had a gastric band fitted and so will be physically unable to eat a large quantity of food, are likely to work for limited periods only, but once the subconscious mind understands that no actual band has in fact been placed—a forgone conclusion given the native intelligence and power of the subconscious—the person will in all probability revert to his or her former overeating pattern because nothing has changed as far as the cause of the behaviour is concerned.

Our Hypnosis Slimming System™ goes to the heart of the overeating behaviour itself, realigning the subconscious mind so that the person eats not in response to emotion but in order to satisfy the body's natural nutritional needs.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

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It generally takes around 4 or 6 sessions in order to complete the entire Hypnosis Slimming System™ process and end emotional eating for good.

Each person is, of course, different and unique, and everyone responds to therapy in his or her own way, some requiring a session less and some a session more, with most permanently altering the way in which they eat with only a few intense, focused therapy sessions.

In addition to the face-2-face sessions, you receive our unique 4 volume Hypnosis Slimming System™ mp3 set to listen to at home as part of the therapy.

How Long Do Sessions Last?

Each session is conducted exclusively on a 1-on-1 basis. You work with one of our therapists in a safe and confidential manner as you are guided through the Hypnosis Slimming System™ process that is tailored specifically for you.

weight management hypnotherapy
The result is a slimmer, healthier person who is free to eat as nature intended, in a balanced and more satisfying way.

This is the cutting-edge approach to natural weight reduction and weight control, helping you to end compulsive eating and manage your weight without diets or deprivation.

If you are having difficulty in controlling or reducing your weight, if you have been engaging in emotional overeating or compulsive eating and want to take back control, then our uniquely individualized Hypnosis Slimming System™ could be just what you need to turn your life around. Working 1-on-1 with one of our therapists you really can regain control of your eating.

Over the past 6 months I have dropped 50lbs. Also had 12 month diabetes MOT and my glucose levels have now halved since my diagnosis, also cholesterol and other levels now much more healthy. As you can imagine, I am very pleased with progress. Am now also exercising and feeling significantly more healthy than I have in a long time...
- Angela Davies, London

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