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I have started to look at my life through a new set of eyes and have begun to realize my potential in life and gain a higher degree of self worth.
I cannot thank you enough...
- S.C. Birmingham

hypnotherapy for depression
Depression is a truly debilitating and restrictive human condition that can so easily rob a person of the simple joy of being alive.

All too often, though, the medical response to depression is medication. 'You're feeling depressed because of a lack of a certain neuro-transmitter, so take this drug...' 'You're having difficulty coping with life's difficulties, so here's a pill...'

In our age of immediate gratification, we have come to expect and demand the rapid and the instant fix.

While recognising that medications do indeed have their place,
hypnotherapy for depression
I personally believe that they are simply not the long term solution to this thing we call depression. (That said, let me assure you that I would never advise any client to go against the directions of his or her medical practitioner. Anyone wishing to come off antidepressants needs to do so gradually and under medical supervision.)

Our own approach to depression is different to the standard medical approach, and is based on the belief that depression is caused and maintained by a combination of factors—personal, psychological, and social.

And all of these aspects need to be taken into consideration when working with depression.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I chose to become...
- Carl Jung

What is Depression?

The word 'depression' comes from the Latin deprimere, which means 'to press down', and this is exactly the feeling that someone complaining of depression will experience—an awful feeling of being pressed down upon, of being somehow weighed down.

hypnotherapy for depression
Prior to the 1950s the word was not in wide usage, though a condition called 'meloncholia' was used to describe what today is termed 'major depression'. With the advent of antidepressant medication, and the enormous profits that could be made by pharmeceutical companies from their sale, this thing called 'depression' went viral. With aggressive marketing, it was listed in manuals of mental disorders, promoted to doctors and public alike. So clever was this marketing, that people were asking for Prozac by name even before it was available.

But is depression a disease, is it really an illness that can be corrected with medicine? Is depression simply a Prozac deficiency? My own opinion is that it is not a disease; that this thing we call depression is a form of profound unhappiness that may be caused and maintained by a variety of different factors. Its remedy lies in reprocessing experiences and correcting habits of thinking and aspects of lifestyle that may be contributing to this deep unhappiness.

Social Influences

Today we live in a culture that values and extols instant gratification, the quick fix, the silver bullet. It's a culture where consumption is so often peddled as the solution to uncomfortable feelings. Given this fact, is it really so surprising that so many people fall into the dark mire of 'depression'?

hypnotherapy for depression
What, after all, if you just cannot afford all of those material trappings, those things that are supposed to make you happier and feel better? Does this mean that you are insufficient, inferior or worthless? Can credit cards really provide a cure, allowing you to permanently buy yourself out of uncomfortable feelings or low self-esteem? Or what if you find yourself rolling in material wealth and possessions, but then find that it just hasn't brought the happiness you expected? Can any of these things really fill an emptiness in the heart, or a lack of meaning?

Only when we have addressed these questions and realised that a successful life is not about the mad rush to accumulate, or to show off—that regaining emotional balance is not about silver bullets and magical thinking—but about balance, physical, mental and emotional, can we really live a useful, positive and truly healthy life.

Treatment for Depression Working with Us

hypnotherapy for depression
Peter has extensive experience in guiding and helping people reach and realise their own inner wisdom and potential. Using a life-time of experience, together with counselling and psychotherapeutic skills, Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy, Ego State Therapy and self-hypnosis, he can guide and help you to find your own way out of the terrible darkness of depression.

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy counselling can help you find your own way out of depression in Birmingham.

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