Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying& Air Turbulance

Being afraid of flying or of air turblence—fear of flying phobia—is a surprisingly common condition which, in today's modern and highly mobile society, can be truly inconvenient and, in some cases, even incapacitating.

The surprising thing is that it is a phobia which can quite easily be eliminated through modern hypnosis for fear of flying. As more and more people are discovering, real fear of flying help is available.

What is a Phobia of Flying

An irrational phobia of flying, or flight anxiety, is something that unnecessarily stops so many people from travelling, preventing them from enjoying holidays, visiting friends and family, and engaging in business activities. Many people take alcohol, or prescription tranquilizers such as Valium (diazepam), or simply 'white knuckle' it in order to deal with and attempt to overccome fear of flying phobia.

For 11 years I was unable to get on a plane. After the therapy
I was able to fly to Australia and back with complete ease...
- Charlie Jordan, speaking on BBC Radio

Still others are prevented entirely from boarding an aircraft because of flight anxiety that stems from a fear of losing control and experiencing a panic attack. Such people may avoid flying at almost any cost.

fear of flying
If you have a fear of flying you know only too well how a phobia of flying affects you, ruining vacations, provoking anxiety, making your heart thump and your stomach churn. Little wonder that so many people adopt avoidance strategies or turn to tranquilizers or alcohol in an attempt to lessen the discomfort and help them travel by air.

A fear of flying can affect people in different ways. It may be experienced before the flight, when booking a holiday and making reservations. It may begin at the airport or only during take-off or landing. It may only occur when the plane has reached cruising altitude, or when the plane encounters air turblence, or in all of the above situations. Each person has their own trigger for flying anxiety.

If we simply allow ourselves to completely avoid taking a plane because of flying anxiety or phobia of flying, then we surrender to this irrational fear and we allow it to take control of our life, restricting our freedom and affecting our self-esteem.

fear of flying
Rationally, of course, we may be only too well aware of the fact that air travel is the safest means of public transport known to humanity. We may already know that flying is far, far safer than driving a car or travelling by coach or train, for example.

In fact, according to research conducted by the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), and based on the accident rate of the past few years, you would have to fly every day for the next 22,000 years before you would become a fatality in a commercial plane crash!

Yet if you have a real phobia of flying or fear of flying in Birmingham, London or anywhere else, such appeals to logic are of little use. This is because, as with all phobias, logic and rationality are usually powerless to prevent the nervous, panicky feelings that flying anxiety so easily triggers.

What Causes Fear of Flying

In common with other phobias, being unnaturally afraid of flying or of air turbulence is a phobia generated by the subconscious mind, and this part of the mind doesn't function on logic, it functions on imagination. It feels much more than it thinks.

fear of flying
A phobia is simply a 'conditioned response'. With phobias, the subconscious has gone through an experience that has conditioned it to fear. It doesn't really matter if the conscious mind remembers this experience, since the subconscious, feeling mind certainly does!

And, as anyone who has ever experienced genuine fear of flying will testify, such anxious, fearful feelings are far stronger than rationality and logic. This is because rationality and logic belong to the conscious mind, but feelings such as fear emenate from the deeper, subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious cares little about logic and rationality, and everything about imagination and feelings.

My 25 year flying phobia had recently reached a fever-pitch of panic. To my utter surprise, two sessions with Peter Field Hypnosis Centre dispelled my fear of flying. After 25 years of anxiety and 10 years of taking valium, I walked onto the plane without a care. It was unbelievable. The only question left was:
Why didn't I do this years ago?...'
- Fiona Cullinan, writing in The Sunday Mercury

In lower anxiety states simple hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief might help lessen flying anxiety to some degree, but what do we do when the fear of flying is really advanced? It's here that my advanced hypnotherapy for fear of flying can provide the answer you have been searching for. CHI-HypnoTherapy™ — hypnosis for fear of flying can help free anyone from this upsetting phobia, allowing them to travel by air with feelings of calm relaxation. It can help you too.

Hypnotherapy For Fear of Flying Overcoming Fear of Flying Phobia

fear of flying
Fear of flying help really is available. The good news is that with advanced modern CHI-HypnoTherapy™, you can rapidly end the debilitating and irrational fear of flying, spread your wings and expand your horizons.

In the great majority of cases, all it usually takes is two sessions for you to permanently free yourself of this restricting fear, and regain your freedom.

I AM now a calm and confident flyer! Thank you...
- C.T. Spain

Through the medium of advanced CHI-HypnoTherapy™ you can be freed from your fear of flying and phobia of flying—rapidly, effectively, and permanently. I think you'll be amazed at how really easy it is to get over the fear of flying and air turblence and move forward with your life in a much calmer, easier way.

Get Over the Fear of Flying Now

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As an adjunct to the therapy, and in addition to the actual hypnotherapy sessions, you will receive two of our exclusive hypnosis MP3 download recordings to listen to at home. These hypnosis recordings are designed to work in tandem with your uniquely personalised face-2-face sessions.

The first of these hypnosis recordings is 'Confident Flying'. This unique recording is not available in the online store and is given exclusively to clients who have been through fear of flying therapy. It is designed to powerfully reinforce the hypnosis for fear of flying work done during the sessions.

You will also receive a copy of our comprehensive and helpful booklet 'You ARE a Confident Flyer', which tells you all you need to know about flying confidently.

hypnotherapy for stop smoking
As an added bonus, you will also receive your own copy of our 'A Calmer, More Confident You' self-hypnosis MP3 download as a special bonus.

Use this hypnosis recording on a regular basis and you will enhance your own natural confidence levels in all situations.

If you have a fear of flying or of air turbulence, and genuinely want to overcome fear of flying and end flying anxiety, then Peter's CHI-HypnoTherapy™ for fear of flying sessions can rapidly solve the problem. You may be surprised at how easily and rapidly you can get over the fear of flying.

fear of flying
For fear of flying help, call us now on 0121 449 0659, and overcome fear of flying and air turblence once and for all.

Fear of flying hypnotherapy Birmingham.

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