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hypnotherapy for pornography addiction
No one is born with an addiction to sex or pornography. We have to learn it.

What starts as an infrequent and seemingly harmless erotic adventure—a fling here, a click there—can so easily run away with us. Then, all too soon, we can find ourselves practically compelled to chase that encounter, access those sites, enter those chat rooms.

With repetition, the overwhelming and often all-consuming desire becomes an almost automatic behaviour. And, before we know it, we have become addicts.

With the expansion of the Internet and its easy accessibility, more and more people are having their lives wrecked by this insidious and powerful addiction. The vast majority of pornography addicts are men, though women too can also experience this particular addiction.

Internet pornography addiction is a form of sex addiction, and much of what is written here applies equally to all forms of sexual addiction.

Consequences of Sex and Porn Addiction

The consequences of pornography addiction, like those of sex addiction, can be considerable. Relationships can be ruined, reputations sullied. Many are so compelled to view Internet porn that they do so at the most inappropriate times and places, sometimes even putting their jobs and livelihoods at risk.

hypnotherapy for pornography addiction
Many people find themselves running up massive credit card bills as they chase after sexual experiences; paying for access to one Internet pornography site after another, as their addiction spirals out of control.

The stress and anxiety that all of this causes, together with the loss of self-esteem, is simply part of the price paid by the sex and Internet pornography addict.

Subterfuge and secrecy so very often force the individual to lead a bizarre form of double life. It is a life most often filled with anxiety and guilt, shame and remorse.

Symptoms of Sex and Porn Addiction

The symptoms of sex and Internet pornography addiction are similar to those of any other addiction. They share the same basically obsessional pattern.

hypnotherapy for pornography addiction
These include difficulty in restricting or stopping the process. Withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and mood swings are often experienced when attempting to break away and stop. The addicted person develops an obsessive preoccupation with sex and porn and constantly seeks opportunities to engage with it.

All too often, an increasing tolerance for pornography triggers and feeds an ever increasing appetite for it. Often the sex or pornography addict places important relationships, and even their livelihood, at risk by continuing with the addictive behaviour.

Like all other addictions, the real reason for sex and pornography addiction usually lies at the subconscious level. Here, complex feelings—often stretching back into the past—drive and fire the desire to distract from difficult or uncomfortable emotions.

Treatment for Sex & Internet Pornography Addiction

hypnotherapy for pornography addiction

Advanced CHI-HypnoTherapy™ works with the subconscious mind, helping the individual to neutralize these powerful drivers and replace them with a more harmonious way of functioning.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing the destructive and potentially devastating effects of sex addiction or Internet pornography addiction, do not despair, help is available.


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*Please note: Recovery may also require participation in a 12-Step programme in addition to the clinical therapy sessions.

All calls are treated in the utmost confidence.

Hypnotherapy: a systematic approach for sex addiction and Internet pornography addiction.

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