Therapies — How It Works

On this page you'll find information on the different therapies we utilize. Much of the content is quite extensive and it certainly isn't essential that you read all or indeed any of it in order for you to benefit from therapy. Since each person is different, various methods and approaches may be used during therapy...

  • chi-hypnotherapy

    CHI HypnoTherapy™

    CHI HypnoTherapy™ is an integrated therapeutic approach designed to bring about rapid resolution of persistent psychological problems and difficulties...

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  • advanced transformational hypnotherapy

    5 PATH® Transformational Hypnotherapy

    Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy aims to resolve problems at their roots. This is a huge distinction between most therapies or methods you may have tried or are thinking about trying...

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  • Ego State Therapy

    EST — Ego State Therapy

    Ego State Therapy is an approach that helps you to explore, understand and ultimately to heal or integrate inner imbalances. It is a therapy that can directly access the problem and help you, once and for all, be free of it....

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  • NLP

    NLP — Neuro Linguistic Programming

    NLP is a powerful change management tool–or perhaps more correctly, a set of tools–that can help transform the way you think and act...

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  • TFT

    TFT — Thought Field Therapy

    TFT is a totally unique form of meridian therapy. It is best described as a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system designed to eliminate the cause of negative emotions...

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  • Counselling


    There are times when the challenges of life become really hard to bear. Times when you know you could benefit from real, objective understanding...

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  • Self Hypnosis

    Self Hypnosis

    CHI Self-Hypnosis™ is a new form of self-improvement that combines the effectiveness of self-hypnosis and meditation...

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  • hypnosis downloads

    Therapeutic CDs

    Each client receives one or more copies of our self-empowering Inner Balance instant MP3 downloads in conjuction of one to one therapies to facilitate positive changes

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