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What is Bruxism

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The compulsive grinding of teeth or clenching of the jaw, often at night while the person is sleeping, is a condition known medically as bruxism. This is a disorder that can, and very often does, have serious consequences for the person’s dental, physical, and emotional health.

With chronic teeth grinding, it is not only the teeth that suffer – all too often the bruxer is forced to live with frequent headaches and pain in the muscles of the jaw and face. For the person who is forced to grind their teeth, it is as if they have spent night after night with their jaw clamped in a powerful vice. Often they awaken exhausted, the jaw muscles aching from their constant grinding and clamping.

Very often, bruxism is a behaviour that has persisted for years before the person is forced to do something about it. Sometimes though, its onset can be relatively sudden, apparently appearing as if from nowhere, leaving the person experiencing it confused and with feelings of powerlessness.

Teeth grinding is a problem that can play havoc with the sufferer’s life, affecting energy levels, self-esteem, and the survival of the teeth themselves. Severe and chronic bruxism can so damage the teeth that the only recourse left may be extraction.

Causes of Teeth Grinding and Bruxism

hypnosis for bruxism
Compulsive grinding of the teeth may have several origins. It may sometimes be the side effect of certain prescription medication, such as antidepressants. It may be the consequence of recreational drug taking. It can also be the by-product of lifestyle choices such as excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, and taking too much coffee or caffeinated drinks.

Bruxism can also be related to conditions such as sleep apnoea and other obstructive sleep disorders. For this reason, those experiencing bruxism are well advised to consult with their doctor, to determine that there are no underlying physical reasons for the disorder before seeking bruxism treatment through hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Perhaps the greatest cause of teeth grinding is psychological. Anxiety and stress very often underlie this condition, and research has demonstrated that 70% of nocturnal bruxism – grinding teeth at night – is caused by stress or anxiety that continues to affect people as they sleep.

Bruxism TreatmentHow to Stop Grinding Teeth at Night

When the person has had enough of compulsive teeth grinding, the first port of call is usually the dentist. Here the patient will usually be offered a mouth guard, tooth shield or mandibular advancement device (MAD) to be worn at night, so that it, and not the teeth, takes the brunt of the grinding. In certain cases the patient may be offered prescription medication in the hope that this might help.

hypnosis for bruxism
What the dentist is doing, of course, is what he or she has been trained to do: attempting to save teeth. But this approach focuses only on the symptom – the teeth grinding. It does nothing about the cause of the bruxism, and so the grinding continues unabated.

In our clinical experience in dealing with bruxism we have found that the person who grinds their teeth often does so because he or she has unresolved emotional issues that create and continue to feed an inner anxiety or malaise at the subconscious level. Unexpressed anger from the past or present, in particular, can be a powerful driver of the behaviour that is bruxism. These underlying emotional drivers are responsible for the bruxism behaviour that surfaces, especially at night, when the person is unconscious in sleep.

In order to stop teeth grinding, what’s really needed is to uncover the actual cause and driver of the teeth grinding and jaw clenching – and then do something about it.

How to Stop Clenching Teeth – At the Cause

Any truly effective bruxism treatment needs to penetrate right to the cause of the problem. For lasting relief, unresolved emotional issues must be addressed and healed. It’s here that CHI-HypnoTherapy™ can be extremely useful.

how to stop clenching teeth
Once the cause of the tooth grinding and jaw clamping is uncovered in hypnosis and then effectively treated, the person can be taught better ways of responding to stress and anxiety. This is often a deeply healing process that can affect other areas of life, as well as the bruxism behaviour itself.

If you or someone you care about suffer from compulsive teeth grinding or jaw clenching, help is available. Through the modality of hypnosis and the application of advanced hypnotherapeutic strategies, bruxism can indeed be eliminated.

The truly good news is that you can live your life as you were meant to, with healthy teeth and a jaw relaxed enough to smile whenever you feel like it.

If you want to stop grinding teeth and stop clenching, and would like expert bruxism treatment, then call us now on 0121 449 0659 and begin your journey away from fear.

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