How to Get to Sleep: Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

hypnosis for Insomnia
Today's modern world, with all its hustle, bustle and pressures, finds many of us suffering from a state of insomnia and the effects of lack of sleep.

If you suffer from symptoms of insomnia, or chronic sleep deprivation, you are certainly not alone. It is estimated that more than half of us suffer from insomnia symptoms and are unable to get a good night's sleep. Yet the importance of sleep cannot be underestimated. Natural, restorative sleep is essential in order for us to function at our optimal level.

I actually find myself looking forward to going to bed to sleep now.
It really has made a world of difference to me...
- Belinda Taylor, Birmingham

The good news is that with hypnotherapy you can learn how to get to sleep and how to get better sleep. Hypnosis can help you avoid chronic sleep deprivation and again enjoy the benefits of sleep.

What is insomnia? What are insomnia symptoms?

Insomnia is simply the name we give to sleeping difficulties. This can take different forms. It may be that we have difficulty in falling asleep or in remaining asleep; it may be that we awaken in the early hours and are unable to get back to sleep.

hypnosis for Insomnia
From time to time, of course, each of us may experience difficulty sleeping, but before long we return to normal and resume our natural sleep rhythms. But when we have insomnia, the sleeplessness just seems to go on and on, lasting for weeks, months and, in some cases, even years.

Knowing the importance of sleep, we may lie awake hour after hour, wondering how to get to sleep, going over events in the past, or worrying about the future. Our mind gallops like a racehorse out of control as we become more and more anxious with the ticking of the clock, knowing that we will have to get up in the fast approaching morning and go to work or somehow find the energy to get through the new day and fulfill our responsibilities.

The Importance of Sleep

We know instinctively that mind, body and spirit needs the rest available only in sleep, and that we must replenish our energies on a daily basis. We know the importance of sleep and what happens when we do not get enough of it. The affects of lack of sleep are obvious – becoming run down and anxious, worn out and unable to concentrate, and feeling generally negative about life itself.

hypnosis for Insomnia
Other symptoms of insomnia and side effects of lack of sleep include weight gain and an increase in stress hormones, which affects the mood centre of the brain, and this negatively impacts on the way we function and feel.

Weight gain occurs because insomnia elevates the hormone grehlin, which increases hunger, while lowering the appetite-supressing hormone PYY. This provokes a tendency to eat more in order to compensate for lack of sleep—and sets up a craving for sugars and simple carbohydrates as a result.

As if all this wasn't enough, too little sleep also elevates cortisol, the major stress hormone, affecting the mood centre of the brain, the hippocampus.

Why do we need sleep?

hypnosis for Insomnia
Though science is unable to tell us exactly why we need sleep, most of us are able to intuite the reason. In sleep we realign, replenish and restore our energies. Getting enough restorative sleep makes the difference between a tired, unfocused, foggy mind and an alert, attentive, focused mind that is in tune with the world and the self.

Indeed, Stanford University's Sleep Disorders Clinic goes so far as to say: 'Sleep is the most important predictor of how long you will live; perhaps even more important than whether you smoke, exercise or have high blood pressure.'

How to Get to SleepInsomnia Treatment with Hypnotherapy

Difficulty in sleeping – insomnia – can have several different causes. And uncovering the cause is an important part of finding the solution. With advanced CHI-HypnoTherapy™, we seek to locate the cause of the difficulty and then neutralize it.

hypnosis for sleeplessness
You will also learn how to hypnotize yourself and, once in hypnosis, how to use a powerful technique in order to move from hypnosis into a natural restorative sleep.

No one was meant to spend night after night lying awake with sleeplessness and insomnia. With hypnotherapy for insomnia, you can once again fall asleep and recharge your batteries in the most natural way possible.

If you recognise the importance of sleep and want a drug-free natural insomnia treatment that works, then hypnotherapy for insomnia may be exactly what you are looking for.

Call us now on 0121 449 0659, and get the help you need to free yourself from insomnia symptoms.

Birmingham hypnotherapy sessions for insomnia and sleeplesness are available during regular office hours, with a limited number of out-of-office-hours appointments available by arrangement.

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