Help With Bereavement / Grief

Thank you for guiding me through therapy with your expertise, wisdom, humility and compassion
- J.P. Coventry

The loss of a loved one through death often brings a series of emotional responses that are typical of grieving or bereavement. We know that they will not be coming back, but often there's still a denial of the fact. This denial is very common, even when the death was expected or partially expected. It's as if our worst fear had come true. Indeed, death often brings with it a whole range of emotions -- numbness, overwhelming sadness, helplessness, denial, guilt and anger – for those still living.

Denial and anger are often followed by bargaining: 'If only he'd come back I'd do anything…' When the realisation finally filters through that he or she just isn't going to come back then anger can step forward. 'How could she leave me like that!' 'What kind of God would allow that to happen!' And this anger can come in unexpected moments and in unexpected ways. It may be directed at anyone, even those – sometimes especially those – who cared for the person who has died: family members, doctors, carers, nurses.

There may be, and often is, a sense of yearning so intense as to be almost insupportable. People wonder: 'How am I ever going to get through this and go on..?' And then there's the dreadful sensation of guilt: 'Why didn't I…' or 'What did I do?'

Depression may follow, then hollowness, and finally, acceptance.

Help With Grief & Bereavement

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy cannot bring back a loved one. It cannot change the fact that someone has died. What it can do is to make the journey of bereavement somehow more understandable and profoundly meaningful, enabling the surviving person to come to terms with unfinished issues and resolve remaining and intensely painful negative emotions.

For the survivor, the journey is not yet over. Hypnotherapy can help in making the road ahead less daunting and more positive. And that, after all, is what any loved one would have wanted for us.

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