Gephyrophobia: Fear of Crossing Bridges

fear of crossing bridges
The fear of crossing bridges is not as uncommon as you might believe. Its technical name is gephyrophobia.

People suffering from this particular fear or phobia experience tremendous anxiety when faced with the prospect of having to drive or walk across a bridge. High bridges are especially frightening, as are bridges over gorges or water.

Often, though not always, this fear may also be combined with other fears such as the fear of heights or claustrophobia. The person experiencing gephyrophobia may very well be afraid that he or she will lose control or pass out.

Fear breeds fear and this can easily lead to feelings of abject panic.

Many people who are afraid of crossing bridges go to great lengths in order to avoid them. Often, they find themselves planning journeys that involve lengthy detours and considerable inconvenience so that they do not have to drive over a bridge. This is a fear that can prevent people from enjoying holidays, visiting friends, and travelling for work or pleasure.

What causes Gephyrophobia
Origin of Fear of Crossing Bridges

fear of crossing bridges
What has happened is that at a deep, subconscious level, the bridge phobic person has learned to associate anxiety with the thought of crossing bridges. At some time in the past, he or she will probably have undergone an experience that in some way frightened them and this fearful feeling became linked with bridges. Fear has become a 'conditioned response'.

For some, the fear of crossing bridges may be linked with other fears such as the fear of heights—acrophobia.

For the person with gephyrophobia, it's as though they have stopped trusting themselves when it comes to moving over a bridge. And the subconscious mind is producing fear so that he or she will not place themselves in danger.

For the conscious mind, of course, it may be only too clear that such fears are groundless. They may even seem silly. But fear is a feeling and, unlike the subconscious mind, the conscious mind runs on logic, not emotion.

Try as they might, the phobic person is most often powerless to analyze away their fear.

The solution lies where the problem lies—in the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy Helps with Fear of Crossing Bridges

Through the skilful use of modern advanced transformational hypnosis, we can delve into the subconscious mind and re-educate it. We can re-align it with reality so the bridge phobic person can let go of the fear and return to their natural state. Just as a person can be 'conditioned' so they can be 'de-conditioned'.

fear of crossing bridges
Even if the idea of crossing a bridge with ease seems too distant for you at the moment, the fact is that you can be helped to conquer your fear of bridges and cross them with ease and in the absence of anxiety.

There really is no reason why you or anyone you care about need continue to experience anxiety because of fear of crossing bridges.

With advanced hypnotic techniques, we specialize in guiding and helping people reach and realise their own inner wisdom, together we can help you find your own way out of the fear of crossing bridges.

Call us now on 0121 449 0659 or mobile 07910 245 159 and get the help you need to overcome your fear of crossing bridges. There is no need to be afraid; you can end gephyrophobia, free yourself from the fear of crossing bridges and enjoy your life.

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