Pediophobia Help & Treatment Fear of Kids, Mannequins, Dolls

The fear of children, mannequins, dummies, or dolls is technically known as 'pediophobia'.

While it is certainly not the most common phobia that we treat here in our hypnotherapy clinics in the UK, it is something that we do see from time to time. Many clients are relieved to learn that not only is there a name for this disorder, but that it most certainly can be successfully and quite easily treated.

The real number of people suffering from this particular anxiety disorder is actually unknown because most have no name for it and so imagine that they are the only ones with this fear. Few people feel comfortable, after all, visiting their doctor and declaring: 'Doctor, I'm afraid of store mannequins', or 'I'm scared of kids'.

This, of course, not only serves to further alienate the person experiencing the phobia, but it also prevents them from getting the help that they need and that is available.

Symptoms of Pediophobia

Left untreated, pediophobia can affect and impact on a person's life in quite major and sometimes devastating ways.

Sometimes, this fear can assume such overwhelming proportions that it seriously interferes with the individual's ability to function in a normal way.

A person fearful of store mannequins, for example, may very well avoid shops selling clothing altogether. Or the individual who has a phobia of dolls or children can find themselves turning down opportunities to visit family and friends who are mystified and hurt by their behaviour.

The symptoms of pediophobia are, generally speaking, similar to those found in other phobic conditions.

Faced with the stimulus of mannequins, dolls or children, the person will often find their heart racing and their breathing becoming shallow, with feelings of nausea and a sick, dry feeling in the mouth. Some may find it difficult to speak properly or to think with clarity, and the anxiety created can easily escalate into a full blown 'panic attack', with all of its attendant terror.

Usually the person suffering from this phobia is only too well aware that it is irrational, but feels completely powerless to do anything about it. Will power and attempts to 'grin and bear it' do precious little to lessen its frightening grip. This is because fear, like all feelings is generated in the subconscious part of the mind, and so it is to the subconscious that we must turn for any real solution.

Causes of Pediophobia

Pediophobia is almost always caused by some unpleasant experience that the individual has passed through when younger, often in childhood. At some time in the person's past, they have been surprised or shocked while in the presence of mannequins, dummies, dolls or children, or have had a frightening experience which the younger self interpreted as being dangerous. (In some cases, this experience may even have been in a dream, nightmare or movie.)

This traumatic experience caused the pediophobic person to become afraid and anxious and they have linked this fear with mannequins, dolls or children in a manner similar to a 'conditioned response'. Often this event has been forgotten by the conscious mind, but it is still being held onto by the subconscious which is attempting to prevent the person from putting themselves in danger's way again by creating fear as a means of protection.

Overcome PediophobiaFear of Mannequins/Dolls

Unfortunately, many therapists attempt to remove this phobia by simply working on the symptoms—the fear itself. This, however, can all too often prove only a temporary fix, and may even complicate matters. A phobia has an origin, and may carry with it much unprocessed subconscious emotion. By merely removing the fear symptom, the person is left vulnerable to this unprocessed emotion later surfacing in another and potentially more harmful way.

In a process akin to displacement, the anxious emotions can manifest themselves in all sorts of different unpleasant ways that are ostensibly unconnected with the original phobia. This is called 'symptom substitution' or 'symptom displacement'.

In order for pediophobia to be fully and completely treated and healed, it is essential that the powerful subconscious emotion linked to the phobia also be correctly processed and comprehensively treated, together with the anxiety and fear itself.

Effective Treatment for Pediophobia

Working 1-on-1 with one of our therapists, the pediophobic person can safely be taken back to the initial sensitizing experience itself (and to the key reinforcing experiences, too) and there the damage can be undone. The script or program can be 're-written'.

Once the subconscious has accepted the truth—that mannequins, dolls or children do not in reality pose a threat or a danger—then the person is released from the grips of this pernicious and restrictive phobia.

If you or someone you care about suffer from the inhibiting phobia that is pediophobia, fear of mannequins, fear of dolls, fear of dummies, or fear of children, do not despair, help is available.

With advanced hypnotic techniques, we specialize in guiding and helping people reach and realise their own inner wisdom, together we can help you overcome this difficulty.

Call us now on 0121 449 0659 and put an end to the discomfort of pediophobia, fear of mannequines, dolls or children.

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