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Here are some of the many kind words shared by our clients. Each tells a different story, but all share a common theme: Hypnotherapy has helped change lives. These testimonials are on record and used with permission to let others know of the wonderful changes made possible through our work...

Now I don't have to be scared...

Shinchi was extremely professional and made me feel very relaxed and welcome. Even straight after my session I felt much calmer and confident.
I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone
suffering my anxiety or phobias!
- R.R. Birmingham

For 11 years I was unable to get on a plane. After therapy
I was able to fly to Australia and back with complete ease...
- Charlie Jordan, BBC Radio

Thank you for transforming my life. I am now able to live in a way
that I never thought would be possible. My gratitude to you is beyond measure...
- Mary Forrester, Florida USA

I feel completely fine! Really, with hypnosis anything can be achieved!
- BBC newscaster Louisa Lewis talking about her phobia cure with Peter BBC Radio, Mornings with Mollie Green

When 1st came I was scared, left my job, very depressed and emotional. After my 2nd session I was so calm and relaxed even my sister noticed the difference in me.... I felt different. After completing my sessions I was postive, ready to go back to work, something I didn't think I would be feeling or doing. Thank you Shinchi!
- M.B. Harborne

You have changed my whole life. Not only can I travel, I have lots more confidence in my everyday life. I finally feel happy in my own skin.
I just cannot thank you enough...
- Heather Shotton, London

I feel great! This is the way to give up smoking. It works!
- Chris Banks talking about his therapy with Peter on BBC Radio

I have changed so much from the person who first walked through your door. You have shown me a future that I can now go forward into with happiness!
- Andrew Chung, Stourbridge

It was unbelievable!
The only question left is why I didn't do this years ago...
- Fiona Cullinan, writing in the Sunday Mercury

Peter is a Master in his field. In a very few sessions he has empowered me to transform my life, and he has shown me how I can unlock the capacity of my own mind. I have become an inspiration to myself...
- Dr Cornelia Blunt MD

My transformation has become the conversation topic at dinner parties and I've had many of our friends and their friends listening intently to my stories of the process, the benefits, and the things that I've discovered. The great thing is that the vast majority of people say "I wish I could do that!" My response is give Peter a call, you won't regret it...
- Adam Barnicle, West Midlands

The sessions themselves were fascinating and wonderful!
I would absolutely recommend anyone to give your hypnotherapy a chance
if they were serious about changing their lives for the better! ...
- Susan Williams, London

The power and strength you bring to people by helping them open their mind is simply staggering - you come with a 5 star recommendation from me - and you can quote me on that!
- Jon B. Birmingham

As a qualified therapist myself, I found your techniques both dynamic and caring. Thank you for all the help you have given me and my son T.
We both feel like new people
- H.A. London

I suffered terribly for 14 years, so much so that my life was almost put on hold because of it. I tried all sorts of treatments, psychiatry, reflexology, the list goes on. You broke the fear where no other method could...
- Paul Noble Manchester

I am now looking forward to the future, instead of fearing it...
- S.P. Birmingham

Over the past 6 months I have lost 50lbs. Also had 12 month diabetes MOT and my glucose levels have now halved since my diagnosis, also cholesterol and other levels now much more healthy and "normal". As you can imagine, I am very pleased with progress. Am now also exercising and feeling significantly more healthy than I have in a long time... "
- Anita Downes, London

With only 6 sessions and your assurance that I could and would move forward, I have now doubled my salary, feel more relaxed, confident and happy....
- C.A. Birmingham

The tears of joy are rolling down my face as I type this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel fantastic. I am not religious, but God bless and thanks for my life back...
- S.H. Birmingham

For the first time in my life I feel free to go wherever I want without worry.
I no longer suffer from shy bladder and I feel great. Thank you...
- S.W. London

Truly an amazing experience. I can honestly say I have never felt so me!
- L.S. Birmingham

I would like to thank you for your help with my driving anxiety. Driving is again calming me down instead of being a nightmare and I have absolutely no problem driving on LA highways! It seems like a 180 degree turn.
Thank you very much from the depths of my heart...
- Denise Ottman, LA, USA

Thank you for guiding me through therapy
with your expertise, wisdom, humility and compassion...
- J.P. Coventry

I entered into sessions a sceptic, hypnotism was something I'd only seen as after dinner entertainment and was not convinced that it could help me.
I was desperate when I contacted you. With your guidance, I've changed my life...
- S.R. Wolverhampton

I have started to look at my life through a new set of eyes and have begun to realize my potential in life and gain a higher degree of self worth.
I cannot thank you enough ...
- Sandra Castle York

You have opened my heart and shattered previous patterns
in order for the light to enter in!
- R.P. West Midlands

I would like to thank you for the extremely successful therapy that you have given my son. His life had come to a complete standstill with inabilities to think, act and sleep. He had become hypersensitive to life's irritations, angry and physically volatile. He was in danger of having to abandon a university course that he really wanted to do. You were able to rapidly get to the heart of what were his problems and in the astonishing time of just 5 weeks and over 4 sessions you have managed to undo the years of a long term personality disorder. He is now calmer, happier, lighter, able to sleep and most importantly he has been able to overcome the block he had associated with his work. I would also like to thank you for the insights you have given him into how he functions and the means you have given him to help himself in future - these are profound gifts to carry with you into life as a twenty year old...
- R.C. London

You do a truly great job for all the human beings you encounter...
- Dr. A.R. Birmingham

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