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ego state therapy
Ego State Therapy was first pioneered by Professor John G. Watkins in the 1960’s and further developed by Dr. Gordon Emmerson. Combining elements of Carl Jung’s ‘Analytical Psychology’ with hypnosis, Ego State Therapy directly addresses that part of your subconscious mind that is causing the problem.

The Basic Premise

Ego State Therapy is based on the premise that the personality is composed of separate parts, rather than being a homogenous whole. These parts—which everyone has—are called ego states.

Each of these ego states is a part of one's personality with a particular set of thoughts and feelings and beliefs. We all have these different parts (ego states) or aspects to our personality that have formed throughout our lifetimes and each of these ego states has a unique historical development, which can be traced back to its inception early in life.

How Many States Do We Have?

ego state therapy
The average person has about 5 to 15 separate ego states that are used throughout the normal week.

A traumatic event, or unmet developmental needs, may result in a wounded child ego state, an overzealous protector ego state, or some other lack of integration of ego states. Any of these could manifest as a variety of symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, or compulsive behaviours.

What Are The Uses of Ego State Therapy?

Ego State Therapy is an approach that helps you to explore, understand and ultimately to heal or integrate imbalances in your ego state system.

EST is a therapy that can directly access the problem, helping you, once and for all, to be free of it.

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