Fear of Public Speaking Hypnotherapy for Glossophobia

Public speaking is probably the most common of all the phobias that we treat in our Birmingham hypnotherapy practice.

If this is something you struggle with, then you're in very good company. Absolutely anyone can be affected by public speaking anxiety, from celebrities and accomplished presenters to the otherwise confident best man called upon to make a short speech at a wedding.

It can happen to experienced lecturers who feel increasingly anxious when talking to groups, or to business people who can no longer avoid giving talks or presentations in front of colleagues, clients and others as part of their expanding professional responsibilities.

I was worried that I might not like the person I would find in therapy, but quite the reverse has happened. I now have self-respect and confidence just seems to be part of who I am...
- Richard Kennedy, Leicester

In extreme cases, the thought of standing before a group of people and talking or presenting can fill the person with such foreboding, anxiety and fear that they feel nauseous. In fact, some may even become physically sick at the thought. (The celebrated American film director and actor Woody Allen is known to experience such severe speaking anxiety that he regularly vomits before appearing in front of audiences.)

fear of public speaking
When we experience anxiety and panic at the thought of having to speak in public, it is because we are worried that we will get it wrong, loose our train of thought, bore, appear moronic or fail in some other way—and that there will be a room full of witnesses to our failure. In a nutshell, public speaking fear is the fear of being embarrassed or humiliated in front of other people.

Fear of speaking or presenting in front of others means that we are being uncontrollably self-conscious.

Fear of Speaking in Public Where Does it Come From?

The fear of public speaking or of talking in front of others is, in fact, a form of anxiety disorder, with all the signs and symptoms associated with this.

fear of public speaking
Usually, public speaking anxiety is the result of an experience (or experiences) buried in the person's past which may or may not be consciously remembered. In psychological terms it's what is called a 'conditioned response', or a 'conditioned reflex'.

Often a phobia of public speaking becomes embedded because the younger self has experienced acute embarassment or a sense of humilation when called upon to speak or to perform in front of others.

Usually this will have occured in the early, developmental years, in school or on an occassion when others were perceived to be closely watching. This specific experience – and the feelings of embarrassment and emotional discomfort it generated – has then become generalised to all occasions when the person may be asked to talk or to present in front of others, thereby causing ongoing anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Public Speaking Confidently Speaking in Public

fear of public speaking
No one was born with a phobia of public speaking. Public speaking anxiety is something that is acquired through the perception and interpretation of past experience. The good news is that through CHI-HypnoTherapy™ public speaking fear can be eliminated. Public speaking hypnosis is a rapid way of reolving this issue once and for all.

You can actually learn to enjoy speaking in front of others. And don't worry, it's not at all necessary that your conscious mind remembers what started it all off, because your subconscious mind—that part responsible for all feelings—forgets nothing.

Through advanced CHI-HypnoTherapy™ techniques, the subconscious will reveal what is needed and can then be guided into neutralizing those difficult anxious feelings and removing the conditioned response responsible for the public speaking fear.

There is no need to continue with the fear of speaking or presenting in front of others. You really can learn to let go of those anxious feelings and eloquently shine!

fear of public speaking
As part of the fear of public speaking therapy, each client also receives a copy of Peter Field's 'Confident Speaking' MP3 recording to listen to at home. This public speaking hypnosis mp3 powerfully reinforces the unique 1-on-1 individualised work done during the sessions.

In addition to the uniquely structured and personalised hypnotherapy sessions, each client is taught our unique method of self-hypnosis, which enables anyone to enter the trance state within a matter of seconds. You can use self hypnosis to release stress and become truly calm and relaxed – an ideal state to be in prior to speaking or presenting .

fear of public speaking
As remarkable and distant as the prospect may now appear, CHI-Hypno-Therapy™ can help you become truly effective at standing in front of groups of people and calmly delivering a potent message, presentation or talk. If you experience fear of public speaking or any form of public speaking anxiety (glossophobia), call us now on 0121 449 0659 and end your public speaking fear swiftly and easily.

Phobia of public speaking sessions are available at our Birmingham hypnotherapy practice during office hours. Out of office hours sessions can also be arranged by appointment.

All calls are treated with confidentiality.

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