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fear of walking
The fear of falling or being afraid to walk is an anxiety disorder that we see from time to time in our hypnotherapy practice here in the UK. Its technical name is ambulophobia. It usually responds well to transformational or CHI-HypnoTherapy™.

Often this phobia and the fear it produces begins to make itself felt when the person is well into adulthood, although it can also be experienced at a much younger age.

Where once the person felt safe on their feet, free to walk, run or dance, now they feel uncertain and unsafe, needing a walking stick or something or someone to hold onto in order to be mobile.

Some people experiencing this particular disorder fear walking on highly polished or uneven surfaces, while others feel uncomfortable and unstable on almost any kind of surface, especially when away from the home, where the person feels even more vulnerable and unsafe.

Causes of the Fear

The fear of falling is, in fact, one of the few fears that each of us is born with. It is called 'the parachute reflex'. Every child has this as part of its inborn survival mechanism.

fear of walking
Although it is natural for human beings to feel anxiety or fear when there is serious danger of falling, ambulophobia is an anxiety disorder that transcends natural fear, becoming highly exaggerated and disproportionate to the circumstances and actual situation.

The fear of walking or of falling is most often the result of an experience in the past where the person fell, saw someone else fall—a psychological process known as 'emotional contagion'—or where the person experienced surprise or fear associated with walking or using their legs. The person may have felt dizzy or may have slipped and this has created a conditioned response, automatically linking walking with fear at the subconscious level. This specific experience has now become generalized to all walking, becoming a conditioned reflex, which now elicits an unwanted and unmerited degree of anxiety in situations that are in fact quite safe.

Surprisingly, the origins of this particular phobia may often be traced back to an experience, or initial sensitizing event in childhood, something that has remained dormant for years, and only becoming manifest when something triggers it into being later in life. This triggering, or 'symptom producing event' may have coincided with a time of particular stress or emotional upheaval, or the ambulophobia may simply have been re-activated by an experience similar to the initial sensitizing event itself.

Hypnotherapy Treatment

fear of walking
With hypnotherapy it is not necessary that the person with this phobia be able to remember what triggered it. The subconscious mind has not forgotten and it is to this part of the mind that we turn when in hypnosis.

Once the initial sensitizing event, together with significant reinforcing events and the symptom-producing event have all been uncovered and correctly re-processed or neutralized, then the exaggerated fear and anxiety response usually just fades away.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing ambulophobia, fear of falling, or fear of walking then do not despair, there truly is a solution.

Through modern advanced approach, you really can end the anxiety and return to your natural state of balance and well-being.

With advanced hypnotic techniques, we specialize in guiding and helping people reach and realise their own inner wisdom, together we can help you to find your own way out of fear of walking once and for all.

Call us now on 0121 449 0659 or mobile 07910 245 159 and get the help you need to overcome your fear.

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