Unique CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System

self hypnosis
Our unique CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System is a wonderful form of self-improvement that combines the effectiveness of hypnosis and meditation in a single, powerful technique.

CHI Self-Hypnosis™ is a system that has been developed by Peter following extensive research, and thousands of hours of clinical practice. It is a system that has been developed over years of hypnotherapy experience. This unique form of self-hypnosis is designed to systematically rebalance the inner self, bringing clarity and harmony in thought and feeling.

CHI Changes the Way You Feel

Having been taught the CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System, you simply put it into practice on a regular basis–and reap the benefits! The system is taught in the trance state, and enables anyone to enter the deeper levels of hypnosis in just a few seconds. In this state the subconscious may be reprogrammed in such a way that it alters limiting beliefs and consequently changes the way you function and feel.

Real Benefits of CHI Self-Hypnosis™

self hypnosis
Practised on a regular basis, the effects of the CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System can be truly astonishing, changing the way you feel, think and look at your world in a wonderful, positive and life-enhancing way!

CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System is useful for:

Improving your mood
Managing and reducing stress
Increasing confidence and self-esteem
Enhancing your relationships
Improving study and information retention
Achieving and maintaining emotional and mental balance

How CHI Self-Hypnosis™ Works

Peter's unique CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System acts in much the same way as a 'reprogramming' or reprocessing mechanism, helping to clear old, limiting beliefs and faulty thought patterns that no longer serve you well. These are the things that form obstacles to inner balance and blocks to your natural peace of mind. Once these obstacles and blocks have been removed you are free to move forward in confidence and with a greater sense of joy in life. You may still encounter life's difficulties–as we all must from time to time–but you will have a strategy for dealing effectively with such difficulties, instead of allowing them to become impediments to your natural state of emotinal and mental well-being.

The process of learning CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System is usually conducted over a single session. With regular practice, the rewards of the unique CHI Self-Hypnosis™ system last for a lifetime.

CHI Self-Hypnosis™ - Works In Synergy

CHI Self-Hypnosis™ System is the perfect adjunct to almost any kind of personal development. It is also a very useful strategy for anyone involved in any form of healing, be it through traditional medicine or by alternative amd complementary processes.

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